ASP/JScript to ASP.NET/JScript.NET Translator

I was the lead architect on an enterprise, commercial product that was based on Active Server Pages; however, we chose to use JScript.NET as our programming language on the server. While many companies choose to use VBScript on the server, we felt that JScript gave us greater flexibility. By 2006, our application grew to more than 1.2 million lines of code written in JScript and ASP.

When Microsoft released ASP.NET, they provided a fairly straightforward migration path from ASP to ASP.NET for application developed in VBScript. Unfortunately, they did not provide a useful upgrade path for applications developed in JScript. Even worse, they made dozens of changes to JScript.NET that broke compatibility with previous JScript. This meant we had 1.2 million lines of code and no upgrade path to .NET.

Based on my experience with language processing, I decided to pursue writing my own JavaScript/ASP parser and translator. Although it was an enormously complicated puzzle, the translator was a great success.

This is just a small sample of the tasks that the translator automatically performed:

While a small number of manual changes were required for some pages, in general the project was incredibly successful. Despite the radical restructuring of the code, we were able to convert to an ASP.NET application with risk of regression and substantial performance improvement.

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Screenshot of ASP/JScript to ASP.NET/JScript.NET Translator Screenshot of ASP/JScript to ASP.NET/JScript.NET Translator