Ingenium 4.0

Ingenium 4.0 was the most monumental development effort to face the Ingenium Engineering Team to date. Ingenium 4.0 was a complete rewrite of the Ingenium, which evolved the product from a 16-bit Microsoft Access database to a more modern 32-bit Client/Server, object-oriented Visual Basic application. Ingenium 4.0 required nearly 2 years to redesign and build, and resulted in over 100,000 lines of new Visual Basic code.

I was initially involved with Ingenium 4.0 as the Lead Architect, and I was responsible for prototyping many of the user interface, object models and tools that provided the framework for the product. I temporarily left the Ingenium 4.0 team to work on our first web product--Ingenium Web Connect--but later returned to develop some of the more complex business tools.

Ingenium 4.0 was a tremendous learning experience for everyone involved. It represented the largest development team that our company had assembled to date, and resulted in the rapid development of our most significant code base.

Meliora Systems
Lead Software Architect, Software Engineer
Desktop app, Commercially-available, Database-driven
Focus Areas
Education, Security, Reporting
Visual Basic 4.0, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 6.5, SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 7.x
Screenshot of Ingenium 4.0 Screenshot of Ingenium 4.0 Screenshot of Ingenium 4.0 Screenshot of Ingenium 4.0