Ingenium Data Update/Import Tool 5.0

DUIT is an Ingenium companion product that supports scripted data transfers between any to “data sources”. DUIT5.0 supported data synchronization (adds, updates and deletes) between nearly any two arbitrary normalized data structures. The product supported a “data source” plug-in concept, so synchronization could occur between non-database sources, such as LDAP or business objects.

The 5.0 release of DUIT was a radical rewrite of the previous versions. DUIT 5.0 made extensive use of XML as both the scripting language as well as inter-object communication.

DUIT 5.0 represented one of my most mature designs. Because of the extreme complexity of the transfers that DUIT could support, the architecture needed to be very modular and each object was responsible for very discrete tasks. A very creative object model was constructed to provided powerful user feedback and logging while completely abstracting core objects from the interface layer.

To ensure that the DUIT application could be expanded without modifications to its core, DUIT made use of ActiveX UserDocuments to provide a “plug-in” interface for new functionality that transparently blended with the existing interface. Consultants and developer could then provide enhance the product both in terms of user interface and business objects without requiring modifications to the core code-base.

SumTotal Systems
Lead Architect, Lead Developer
Commercially-available, Database-driven
Focus Area
Data Transformation
Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 7.x, XML (Extensible Markup Language)
Screenshot of Ingenium Data Update/Import Tool 5.0