Kodak Intranet Projects

In November 1997, a division of Kodak was preparing to rollout Windows NT 4.0 to several thousand new users. In preparation for the rollout, I was contracted to develop four new Intranet sites to support the effort. These websites were developed in just over a month’s time using a combination of Active Server Pages 1.0, Visual Basic 5.0 and Microsoft Access.

The four websites were:

Phone List
This was a department’s phone list that synchronized and consolidated information from a variety of internal sources.
Directory Permission
This was by far the most complicated of the websites. The client identified that a large number of Help Desks calls were due to users that were unable to locate resources on the network or organizations that needed to validate network permissions.
For this website, we developed an application that would scan all of the user, group and directory permissions from several servers nightly. The website then allowed users to enter a username or group name and retrieve a easy to organize summary of all network resources that the user could access. Likewise, a user could also traverse a graphical representation of the network to identify who had permissions to access a resource.
Desktop Application Support
The Desktop Application Support website allowed users to browse and search a comprehensive list of applications that were supported by Kodak. For each application, the user could view important information such as license agreements, who to contact to request software, e-mail addresses of key users (local users identified to be “experts” on the application) and hyperlinks to knowledge bases, web sites, etc.
This application was unique in the fact that it gave the customer a great deal of flexibility to modify and extend the structure of the web site from an intuitive Microsoft Access interface.
Kodak News
This website was a team project with a fellow co-worker. This website provided a simple interface that allowed users throughout Kodak to publish articles and news that would appear on a scrolling Java ticker on the corporate web site. This application provided automation to help target important messages to specific divisions and control the amount and timing of articles.
Meliora Systems
Lead Software Architect, Development Lead, Consultant
Web app, Consulting engagement, Database-driven
Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft Access 95, Visual InterDev 1.0, ASP 1.0, Internet Information Server 3.0, HTML
Screenshot of Kodak Intranet Projects Screenshot of Kodak Intranet Projects Screenshot of Kodak Intranet Projects