Next-Generation Learning Tools API (LTApi)

In preparation for supporting an Immersive Reader application that could work without internet connectivity, I was tasked with refactoring the existing web-based application and removing dependencies on online services.

This new API was called the Learning Tools API (LTApi for short) and it included a major refactoring into .NET Standard code which could be shared between online and offline applications. This also meant that web-based frameworks for managing configuration, security, authentication, logging and telemetry all needed to be abstracted and re-implemented for an client-based application.

LTApi was very successful and as a side-effect, resulted in a 30% performance improvement.

Because LTApi was written using .NET Standard, this meant the code could eventually be ported to support Xamarin, iOS and Android apps.

Microsoft Corporation
Software Architect, Principal Software Engineer
Focus Area
C# 7.0/.NET Standard 2.0, Windows Azure SDK 2.x, Visual Studio 2017