Microsoft Classroom

In 2016, I worked on the Microsoft Classroom preview product. Microsoft Classroom was designed to take the capabilities of several popular products such as SharePoint, OneDrive and Office, and make them easier to use in the classroom for teachers and students.

Microsoft Classroom made it easy to create a SharePoint site that represented a Class. Teachers were automatically granted Owner permissios and each Student had their own personal folders with permissions that only the Teacher and Student could see and modify a Student’s work.

Microsoft Classroom also automated the process of distributing assignments to Students. Each Student could receive their own copy of documents, modify them and submit them to the Teacher for grading.

My focus on this team was primarily in the areas of localization and accessibility.

At the end of 2017, this preview was discontinued, but the spirit of the project lived on in the form of the Assignments feature for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Corporation
Senior Software Engineer
Focus Areas
Education, Accessibility, Globalization
C# 5.0/.NET 4.5, HTML5, Visual Studio 2015, Windows Azure SDK 2.x
Screenshot of Microsoft Classroom Screenshot of Microsoft Classroom