Embedded Readiness 1.0

The idea behind the Embedded Readiness project was to the CRM application that our Sales Team uses to manage Sales Opportunity and to provide a panel that would show the user training material that was related to the product and services that they were selling.

This project was fascinating because we were able to aggregate content from many different systems, but in order to make intelligent recommendations, we needed to relate the different taxonomies used between the different back-end systems.

To solve this problem, I designed a “Circuit Generator” AI algorithm that mapped large taxonomies to each other, using labels and a weighted scale. Likewise, you could related values in different taxonomies in order to express that Apple is a Competitor that is related to the Windows Phone Product. The algorithm was ultimately able to look at what the Sales person was selling and recommend highly relevant training on products, services and competitive strategies.

This project was also important because it was one of the first internal line-of-business applications at Microsoft to go live on Windows Azure.

Microsoft Corporation
Program Manager, Developer, Architect
Focus Areas
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Taxonomy, Education
Windows Azure, SQL Azure, HTML, C#/.NET 3.5
Screenshot of Embedded Readiness 1.0